Personal Response by Jennifer Cypher

Personal response by Jennifer Cypher, developed in workshop/rehearsals in January and February 2013. Incorporated into Ouster Remixed performance in Toronto, March 1, 2013 at A Space Gallery.

Capital R Revelation. I am an American, and this is my history. This is codification of violence inscribed on bodies both material and political.

This is a blueprint for what we now call state-sponsored terrorism.

This is an end, and a beginning, and an intermediate step to World Domination.

This is the description of a pogrom a la pre-Nazi Germany, learning from history only to repeat it.

This is a heartbreaker, a soul-stealer, a division-maker, and a deal-breaker for this American.

The guts of the CIA plan for the coup in Iran pull back to an American-backed coup in Syria in 1949, and push America forward to planning and supporting other regime-change operations when it suited the US. Most of this activity took place under the radar, without US citizens really knowing what was going on. The US-backed Iranian coup of 1953 emboldened the US to carry on coup-ing, even now supporting the Free Syrian Army against the Assad regime. And while we might be less adverse to having the US on the side of these so-called freedom fighters in Syria we still must ask the question: What gives the United States the right to pursue tactics that de-stabilize governments and put citizens in grave danger?

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