Donald N. Wilber’s 1954 Report

This is the link to Wilber’s 1954 report which is one of the few (partially) revealed CIA documents. Wilber was the one designated by the CIA to come up with the plan for the coup. So he is in fact one of the two masterminds. Although it’s 60 years later and pretty much everybody who was involved in the coup is dead, the report is redacted in many areas to protect the names of some of the lesser known participants.  Other CIA material including the cables between Tehran and Washington reportedly were destroyed as a matter of routine by the CIA in the 1960s. <a href=””>Ervand Abrahamian</a> critiques Wilber’s report as deficient in details, self-serving by overemphasizing CIA’s role and diminishing that of the British SIS and MI6, and a white wash in that Wilber does not mention the very active role the US ambassador Henderson directly played in the coup and that they recruited local Nazi groups in support of the coup.

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