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“Tragically Unnecessary Accident of Oil Nationalization”

Max Thornburg, a Standard Oil executive, acted as a consultant to the Iranian government in 1951, reviewing the “Supplementary Agreement” recently proposed by Britain. Here in this interview on Longines Chronoscope, he opins that the oil nationalization was a “tragically

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National Uprising of 30th Tir, 1952

The image posted in this post was taken on 30th Tir, an uprising in support of Mossadeq’s bid to remove from the control of the Shah the appointment of the War Minister and thus the control of the military. [Mossadeq]

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Liberal vs critical: Stephen Kinzer and Ervand Abrahamian (Democracy Now, 2003)

An older interview on Democracy Now on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the coup. Note the different readings offered by Kinzer and Abrahamian. Kinzer’s is an action film scenario complete with a “fantastic cast of characters in the

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The 1953 Iranian Coup Revisited in 2012

Bleow is a very enlightening lecture by Ervand Abrahamian who is a foremost authority on the coup.  His book Coup: 1953, CIA and the Roots of Modern US-Iranian Relations has just been published. Abrahamian refutes claims made by liberal US

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