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Segment on Real News

Real News segment with Aaron Mate, posted on June 24, 2017

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More Footage about the Coup

Some stock footage in low-res quality on Critical Past website: Note the right side panel for related footage.

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Parallels 1: From Iran to Turtle Island; One Heart Beat

I am an Iranian. I live in Canada. And I am and I support Idle No More. When Chief Theresa Spence started her fast on 11 December 2012 I dedicated my customary winter fast in solidarity to her, and as

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The US Military in Iran: Before, During, After the Coup

This archival film made by the US Army in late 1950s or early 1960s promotes the role of MAAG personnel in Iran. The Big Picture: Assignment Iran The US Military had been active in Iran and involved in various bilateral

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Living and Working in the Oil City – 2

Abadan, the “modern oil city”, in southern Iran, was a segregated city in the 1940s and 1950s, and the subject of the promotional film “Persian Story” commissioned by Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Living conditions for most of AIOC’s non-British oil workers

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“Could You Give Us an Idea, Dr. Hayden, of How Backward Iran Is?”

– Just how important is Iran? – There is a great reserve of oil in that area and we’re interested in oil reserves. And if Iran should go through a revolution or a foreign country should take over Iran it’s

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“Tragically Unnecessary Accident of Oil Nationalization”

Max Thornburg, a Standard Oil executive, acted as a consultant to the Iranian government in 1951, reviewing the “Supplementary Agreement” recently proposed by Britain. Here in this interview on Longines Chronoscope, he opins that the oil nationalization was a “tragically

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The Coup: A Visual Narration

I don’t know who has made this video.  It looks like a home production, given the sound track.  It has good historical information, with some minor misses, and gives a sketch of the coup particularly in the context of oil

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Liberal vs critical: Stephen Kinzer and Ervand Abrahamian (Democracy Now, 2003)

An older interview on Democracy Now on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the coup. Note the different readings offered by Kinzer and Abrahamian. Kinzer’s is an action film scenario complete with a “fantastic cast of characters in the

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The 1953 Iranian Coup Revisited in 2012

Bleow is a very enlightening lecture by Ervand Abrahamian who is a foremost authority on the coup.  His book Coup: 1953, CIA and the Roots of Modern US-Iranian Relations has just been published. Abrahamian refutes claims made by liberal US

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